Living with Carrara Marble

In recently; with its smooth lines, Carrara Marble is one the most popular materials for modern or traditional home decoration. Carrara Marble is a white-grey stone which is characteristically thin and often linear.

Carrara Marble Bathroom 4x12 Herringbone pattern

Carrara Marble Bathroom 4×12 Herringbone pattern

At past, this material has been used for monuments and sculptures. There are many white marble as known as Carrara but Carrara Marble is white and has a crystalline look in general. In building projects, the quality of the marble will affect the overall quality of the project directly, so it’s too important to choose the good ones. Carrera Marble gives a sense of luxury without being ostentatious. By its floor-to-ceiling use in hotels and spas, also people use it for their home decorations. Depending on how you use it for your decorations, it looks particularly striking used with other natural materials such as wood and stone.

Carrara Marble Bathroom Hexagon 1" pattern

Carrara Marble Bathroom Hexagon 1″ pattern

Carrara Marble also works perfect with antique decorations for your home. Carrara has a natural durability and it doesn’t chip easily. But this marble is porous and so it needs to be protected if you want to use it in a kitchen. And also for shower and flooring bases, honed marble ensures more grip for wet feet. If you are think about using this marble for architectural features like fireplaces or stairs, its maintenance is less labour-intensive. Except these Carrera Marble is convenient for all rooms at your home. However it is used, this glittering natural stone will add elegance to any house.

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