Carrara Marble on Coffee Tables

Carrara Marble Tiles are often used as coverings for walls, floors, dining tables and even coffee tables. Lately marble covered coffee tables have become increasingly popular and can be found in many varieties. From clean and contemporary designs to ornate antique looks which are on the rise. In this post we’ll explore some new and exciting looks to freshen up your space.

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Carrera marble is the hottest look for kitchens and bathrooms renovations. Marble makes a beautiful table top for coffee tables, and creates a look that is clean, bright and eye catching. While Carrara is a strong material in many areas of design, the Carrara coffee table is sometimes the perfect addition to a room.


If you like modern trends, Carrera tables, as pictured below, are very affordable.  These tables have a timeless feel and have plenty of flexibility in their use.

Carrara square coffee tables have also become increasingly popular like their relative, the square dining table.  Square tables create a perfect balance in sitting areas. These tables add interest to a room with an artistic flair.


If you are in search of a new design for your house, we hope this post will inspire you in a fresh new direction.  For more information on Carrara Marble check out our archives for previous blogs on these topics. Do not forget to visit our web page at  And please follow our blog for more informative articles like these.


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