The Combinations of Carrara Marble

Relative to other natural and engineered stone options, Carrara is actually one of the more cost effective choices, making it an attractive option for projects in a wide range of budgets. Stylistically, Carrara works equally well in contemporary or traditional settings.

So if you have fallen in love with Carrara marble and are determined to use it as a countertop in your kitchen or bath, what should you choose for your hardware, fittings and fixtures? It’s actually a bit trickier than you might think.

White Carrara Marble Bathroom Sink

Bianco Carrara White Marble Bath Sink

In our opinion, we think the best metal finishes for Carrara marble are chrome (brushed or polished), stainless steel, and brass. Chrome and stainless steel are cool silver finishes that work well with the gray veining in the stone.

And then there’s brass. We know, brass is all warm and golden, but it is timeless, elegant and rich when paired with white marble – especially an antiqued or rubbed/distressed brass. It really helps to balance the coolness of the stone.

White Carrara Marble Master Bathroom

Bianco Carrera White Marble Bathroom

On the other hand; Nickel can be problematic because it has a yellow undertone and is therefore a warm gray, conflicting with the stone’s cool gray inclusions.

What is your favorite Carrara combination?


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